Inherent Problems

The thing about my job is that just when it gets all full of complicated juicy gossip, it also gets covered by layers and layers of attorney-client privilege. If I occasionally whine because I am unable to blog about work, this is why.

I’ve been reading legal documents. Some of these documents will eventually become part of the public record, and when that happens they will make excellent dialogue for a bitter comic strip or surrealist radio play. Meanwhile, they are super-confidential and my creative urges are stifled. Bah.

Fortunately I have a fantastic, compelling and potentially obsessive new hobby: quilting. It feels dirty and shameful to stay up late quilting, in a way that drinking alcohol and dancing to lewd music can never top. I am partaking of a classic old person’s domestic hobby in a culture that values youth and mobility! Rebellion at last! So now I’ll kick back and celebrate Friday with some Glenn Miller and a glass of tap water, and you can’t stop me or tell me what to do, so there!


  1. Steph wrote:

    Hi Yami, I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I hope all is well with you!

  2. Steph wrote:

    That’s funny about the quilting. I used to sit home nights and crochet.

  3. yami wrote:

    Did you feel naughty that you weren’t out partying, though?

  4. lola wrote:

    Quilting? How decadent!

  5. Steph wrote:

    No… maybe I should try quilting in order to truly get that naughty feeling.

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