Someone’s Been Waiting

My dearest Sickly Reader, you will not believe the kinds of drugs people have gotten into trouble with these days:


And by “trouble” I mean “too fucked up to tell the search box from the spout box” of course. But oh! I’m no pharmacy. Nor am I a citrus-peel fungus! But I’m still gazing wistfully at the few remaining oranges on the tippy-top of the tree, trying to get them down without breaking more than three limbs.


A bad one to break, yes. Raise your hands, though, how many of you still giggle when you hear the word “coccyx”?

I tried to play monkey snow fight, but was denied. Cruelly denied! Also, I noticed that they had games about pirates and monkeys, but nothing about robots, ninjas, or zombies. For shame!


Ah, but on the Internet, people will listen to your bitching and moaning for free! Or $4/mo. + domain registration if you want it fancy. Naturally they rank your 5-dimensional personality according to the syncretic folksonomy of monkey, pirate, robot, ninja, zombie, rather than some scientifistic sounding claptrap, but you get the amount of sciencey-sounding jargon you pay for.

And did I mention that if you pay me, you’ll get a very good value on your sciencey-sounding jargon?

Monkeys turned into workaholics

Eeep! The poor monkeys! They have been dissociated from their idiocravatic complexes! What shall we combine to provide the illusion of sciencey competence working synergistically with nature’s wisdom?


corn smut

Okay then.

Finally, this one came in just today from my shiny new 403 error page:

yeah I need it for a project and it seens is the best.

What the shit?


  1. denisdekat wrote:

    “how many of you still giggle when you hear the word “coccyx”?”
    I do Bikram yoga and when they ask us to twist the spine from the coccyx I always giggle inside, sorry to disappoint
    I like the 403

  2. yami wrote:

    Giggling inside is just as good, sometimes.

  3. Rana wrote:

    Heh. Regarding the would-be picture-stealer. It’s definitely getting to be the end of semesters everywhere, isn’t it?

  4. des von bladet wrote:

    (Ancient) Geek Astrology! Signs of Robot, Monkey, Ninja, Robot and Pirate!

  5. yami wrote:

    Rana: Indeed it is! You’d think that even the laziest students would figure out how to right-click and save as, but apparently not.
    That doesn’t actually bother me as much as the three or four LiveJournal kidz who obviously know a little HTML, and want to use one of my pictures as a background image on their journals, but are apparently unable to figure out that the image doesn’t actually show up on their page.
    Des: I was rather more thinking of a system of physical and mental humours, akin to ayurvedic doshas, but if there are Geek/Greek puns to be exploited this might have to change…

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