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Miss Manners gets a letter from another non-cell-phone-owner – I am not alone! Perhaps I’ll revert to not owning an answering machine as well, and put out a little basket so that people can leave their calling cards if they drop by while I am out.


Did you know that COBRA coverage isn’t available to people whose former companies had fewer than 20 full-time employees? I didn’t either!

I have no idea what kind of grace period can be squeezed out of my old policy, so I shall simply have to postpone being sick at least until I’m in Iceland, where health care makes some kind of goddamned sense.


PZ Myers is talking about spider penises again – not that there’s anything wrong with that. Lovable leftist Ampersand is interviewed by the (presumably also lovable) Christian Conservative in two parts. Finally, Rana (and other members of the Big Brass Alliance) posts on efforts to start an impeachment investigation – wouldn’t that be nice? Convenient, concrete action items are at the end of the post.


  1. wolfangel wrote:

    Isn’t the comment box really your basket?

  2. yami wrote:

    Only on the internet. I need one that hangs on my door. I used to have a dry erase board, but cards are cooler than marker-drawings.

  3. rebecca wrote:

    yo! it really sux the way small companies/their employees get screwed w/ the whole health insurance thing. viva socialism but in the real world working for a big company has its perks, blah – my COBRA premium is 255 for my HMO. right health care sux! at least i’m working for a non-profit health insurance company and not a super evil profit-hungry merger behemoth

  4. Rana wrote:

    On the health care…
    Two things — look into the coverage that should be offered to you as a grad student. They might be willing to start it early.
    Second, if you have to go to an outside provider to cover the gap, don’t do the tempting thing and use up the last of your existing coverage to go to the doctor. If they find anything wrong with you, you’ll have to note it on your application, and it will affect the rates (if it’s not excluded outright as a “pre-existing condition”). Get the coverage and rates locked in first.

  5. yami wrote:

    Oooh, that’s good advice. I’ll have to look into that – since I’ll be spending most of the gap time in countries with proper health care, I’m not too worried about breaking bones and exploding my appendix, but I’d hate to suddenly come down with something that gets counted as a “pre-existing condition” and screws me for forever.

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