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It seems that all the cool kids of Bay Area geo-blogging were at Kevin Starr’s lecture (on the lessons learned from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake) last night. I was not; I was doing homework. I’m not cool.

But in the spirit of commemorating destruction, let’s see if, in addition to being uncool, I’m also doomed: O great and glorious iTunes, will there be a major (M>6) earthquake on the Hayward fault before I finish grad school?

The key.

  1. The Covering: Future Legend – David Bowie (from Diamond Dogs)
  2. The Crossing: 3 AM Call – Noe Venable(from No Curses Here)
  3. The Crown: Maudabawn Chapel – Eileen Ivers
  4. The Root: Vivaldi’s Trumpet Concerto in C Major, PV 44 – Largo (performed by Edward Carroll, on Masterpieces for Trumpet)
  5. The Past: The Happy Salmon – Tarras (from Rising)
  6. The Future: I Still Remember- Nightnoise (from Something of Time)
  7. The Questioner: You Talkin’ To Me?- Noe Venable (from No Curses Here)

    What’s the matter, baby?
    Show a little leg… show a little leg…

  8. The House: Sing Me A Song (That’ll Just Keep Me Lonesome) – Perfect Strangers (from Perfect Strangers)
  9. The Inside: An Cailí­n Gaelach – Altan (from Island Angel)

    I asked her softly and respectfully
    ‘Will you take a kiss from me, my own true love?’

  10. The Outcome: Silk And Sweat(from Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka)

The Covering is clear enough: a devastating Bay Area quake is a vital mythic element in modern culture. How aspiring geophysicists fit into the Jungian framework, I don’t know – the oracle’s choice for the Questioner is just cheeky.

Actually, given the Inside, and especially the Outcome, I think iTunes is trying to hit on me. Naughty Oracle! No cookie.

This Week’s Search Requests

  • how molluscs shit
  • describing a nose
  • +”not enough arguments” +cacti
  • pregnancy last week bitch

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