New Plugin: Recently Spammed

I figured this plugin would be easy to do, given the right starting point, and boy was I ever correct. Setting up the documentation took twice as long as actually writing the plugin itself.

So, I bring you Recently Spammed, the WordPress plugin that tells you what the spambots have been reading lately. You can see it in action if you switch to the Yaaarr! Tis me blog! theme.


  1. LDH wrote:

    Happy Holey-Days!!!…

  2. Bill Tozier wrote:

    Did I ever thank you properly for this? If not, I should!

    Now… does it work with WP 2? I’m puttering this morning, since I cleaned out all my plugins when I upgraded many months back and now want to re-pimp my site.

  3. yami wrote:

    It should be fine with WP 2 – let me know if you have problems, though.

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