Super Someone

Someone responds with a jolly old jingle:

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t!

This is true. To be perfectly fair, though, one would also have to include the fact that sometimes you feel like a banana, and sometimes you don’t. Right now I feel like a banana.

cut the mullet…

I’ve made a solemn vow to a friend of mine that if I ever cut my hair, I will first cut it into a mullet and take a picture. Then I will cut the mullet.

It’s a helluva thing, killing a man. You take away all he’s got, and all
he’s ever gonna have. [William Munny, killer of women and children – and Little Bill, for what he did to Ned.]

Yup. Today, I walked down to the geology building with a couple of friends, because they were giving away a bunch of old maps. My friends were carrying sledgehammers, just because. The grad students looked at us funny.

I wanna be sedated!

Don’t we all? Try this new blog I’ve been slowly picking up – it’s all the excitement of psychiatric nursing, with none of the slobber.

hast thou seen this?:

So the thing about not having flash installed, is that I have to deal with the default plugin dialog box every time I blink. I mean, I can’t even use my friggin’ mouse wheel without repeating that yes, I really truly am too lazy to download a new plugin today. So I haven’t seen it… but I finally gave in and installed flash, I’ll check it out once I restart mozilla.

Yablonovite rocks!

Mmm, yablonovite. Yablonyablonblonblonblon… blrblblblblblblblrrbrbrbrbrbr… and that’s how long it takes to get me to start flapping my lips with my finger. Hoo yeah.

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