Friday Review of Stuff

  • Whole Foods 365 Mac’n’cheez: 365 is the Whole Foods store brand that focuses on “all-natural” hippie brand image, rather than actual sustainable or organic production. Making a “natural” cheez powder rather defeats the purpose of mac’n’cheez in a box, which is to get that delightful chemical tang in a convenient and attractively nuclear orange packet with some trans fats – but what the hell, Annie’s cheez is suitably chemical, right? And besides, when have I ever met a mac’n’cheez I didn’t like?

    Well, a week ago, obviously, when I ate this box of shite. It was orange (and the hippie brands do an attractive thing where the cheez powder turns from white to orange as you stir it in) but didn’t taste like Science or like cheese, or like much of anything, really. Boo.

  • Berries & Creme Dr. Pepper: Jesus fucking Christ it’s like getting punched in the face by a blue sno cone.
  • Blog templates these days: When I wasn’t looking, someone decided that the going thing in WordPress themes should be to make everything widgety and configurable, so that all the fancy themes have little control panels in the WP admin area. Which is all well and good, until you try to edit the theme like any normal nerd would, at which point you are fucked because there are little widgety option hooks hiding everywhere. I’m all for making things easy to use for non-tech-heads, but is it too much to ask that people keep publishing convenient, easy-to-edit starter themes for tech-heads as well?

    That said, props to, for producing nice-looking themes with less bloat than competing brands.

  • Swear words: Still completely fucking excellent! Holy shit!


  1. Scott wrote:

    Ho-rah for I guess the name does a good job of summing it up. Thanks for the props.

    I feel the same way. My favorite example of this is the Tarski theme. Have a look. Simple, good looking theme, right?

    Now look under the hood. I dare you. It’s the most mind-boggling mish-mash of conditionals and $global tarski-this, $global tarski-that you’ve ever seen.

  2. delagar wrote:

    Hurrah for swearing! What is it with these fuckwads who ain’t want us to cuss? Fuck those berks!

  3. yami wrote:

    Berk. Huh. If you have to look it up, does it still count as a swear word?

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