The Universe Is Expanding

…and it’s starting right here.

Here’s something else for the physics buffs: how does stuff manage to expand in transit from a dorm room to a bedroom?

My dorm room was about the same size as the bedroom I have in the apartment (maybe slightly larger, but the closet was smaller, so it evens out). My roommate had the majority of the furniture and stuff, and even so, both our sets of stuff fit comfortably. Now, while the bed is twice the size here, there is only one desk, one dresser, and one nightstand, and no loveseat or fishtank. My kitchen things are in the kitchen, my bathroom things in the bathroom (the things from my mother’s house are mainly stuck in boxes in the closet). I’m reasonably sure none of it has sublimated, and yet my stuff fills the room and threatens to spill over.

I don’t think my physics class ever covered this one.


  1. des wrote:

    Check your socks. You may have found the “source” end of the Cosmic Sock Wormhole.
    Failing that, have you checked for spooky Lovecraftian hints of non-Euclideanness? That can wreak _havoc_ with your geometric intuition.

  2. Zed wrote:

    Physics does cover this one! Entropy.

  3. Timprov wrote:

    Closet density?

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