Accretionary Wedge Call for Posts

I promised to give you all details on the upcoming Accretionary Wedge carnival, didn’t I? Well. Better late than never.

Accretionary Wedge #5 will be published on January 23, in honor of National Pie Day. This means you will need to submit your posts by 6pm Pacific Time on January 22 to guarantee inclusion in the carnival. Submit posts by commenting on this post, or email them to me at criminy.crickets [at]

The theme(s) is(are) as follows:

  • Your (least-)favorite geological misconceptions
  • Pie and the earth sciences

Or just send in your favorite earth science post from the past month!

I am looking forward to your submissions.


  1. Garry Hayes wrote:

    First time around the geology blogs, sorry if this is a repeat post, having “issues”…

    Every semester I start a section on earthquakes with my students offering their assumptions and misconceptions about earthquakes. Some of the most popular:

    1. California will fall into the sea

    2. California has the largest earthquakes in the world

    3. California has the most earthquakes of anywhere in the world

    4. The ground opens up and swallows people

    5. Psychics predict earthquakes

    6. Animals predict earthquakes

    7. We are waiting for THE BIG ONE!

    8. The safest place in an earthquake is a doorway

    9. All California quakes happen on the San Andreas fault

    Since there is at least a (very) small element of truth in a (very) few of some of these, it leads to a good discussion on earthquakes.

  2. Lab Lemming wrote:

    With your sublime internet brain automatically find the back link?

  3. Julia wrote:

    Dinosaurological Misconceptions for your accretionary pleasure…

  4. Tuff Cookie wrote:

    I submit two slightly different examples of Hot, gooey fillings (or misconceptions thereof) as my offering.

  5. Callan Bentley wrote:

    Here’s my contribution:
    …a series of baked-good analogies that I use in teaching geology.

  6. Lab Lemming wrote:

    Since the link finder seems to have failed:

    Debunking the diamond-coal connection:

    And, an oldie but goodie:

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