How Crater Lake was formed, in four parts

Via LJ geology.


  1. Silver Fox wrote:

    I like it!

  2. Susie wrote:

    Is it me, or is that kind of sexy?

  3. Chris Rowan wrote:

    It would be even better as a tattoo…

  4. Art wrote:

    That suggests a way to increase attendance at lectures. Use an overhead projector to project the notes onto the bare backs of coeds. No actual real exposure required as they can be facing away from the crowd and only their back need be exposed. But still, bound to make thermodynamics more interesting.

  5. Tuff Cookie wrote:

    wOw! tht is lk, soooo kewl.

    (The OMG definitely makes the diagram effective. On a side note, how the hell does anyone communicate in text-speak without melting their brains?)

  6. Maria wrote:

    Art, as long as you’re willing to sacrifice everyone who isn’t a slightly boorish straight/bi man in order to increase attendance among your target demographic, that’s a fantastic idea.

    And by “fantastic” I mean “if I thought there was a real chance that a man’s back would get equal time and attention, I might not find it so upsetting, but I happen to know which world I am living in and it is not an egalitarian fantasyland”.

  7. doug l wrote:

    How about The Grand Tetons, or maybe The Sisters?

  8. Erika Amir wrote:

    I’m thrilled you like my photo! It’s also my drawing, and no, I don’t draw any better than that when given the whole blackboard.

    Thanks for giving credit!

    Chris – I like the idea of a tattoo; perhaps I should convince a vulcanologist to get this (which I am not).

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