mo’ betta’ meta meta burger

One more indulgence before I go back to things that might be more interesting to those of you without blogs of your own (yes, all three of you):

To me, blogging is all about finding the personal in the general and finding the general in the personal.

I think with that, I can sleep well at night knowing that I have a slick answer to all those nasty people who criticize my blogging style and subject matter. Thank you, Tinka.

I’d also like to point out that there aren’t very many nasty people criticizing my blogging style and subject matter. In fact, there are none at all, which makes me sad. I’d like to get some more hate mail, maybe some scathing commentary on my abuse of the English language, or clever suggestions as to why I really write about my bodily fluids. Even lewd remarks from all you people who come here looking for naked boys in white socks, and are pissed off because you can’t find any, would be all right. But this impersonal “enlarge your penis” shit is just not enough anymore. Oh well; there are more important things in life, I guess.

Which of course brings me to porn… I am under a rather strong compulsion to bring back many attractive Scandinavian lesbians for the enjoyment of my pseudo-frat-mates, and they’re always cheaper on DVD, right? So last night I finally made it down to Istedgade with a Danish accomplice, who explained the hierarchy of Danish porn stars* to me and handled most of the talking (though I’m pretty certain I could successfully ask for “Scandinavisk lesbisk porno på dvd” in an emergency). As it turned out, I could have any two of the three necessary features in my porn (Scandinavian cast, rampant lesbianism, dvd format) but not all three at once – d’oh! The poor darbs will just have to be content with what I’m giving them.

Also, more fun from my referral logs: someone got here looking for “blog caltech”. It seemed like a reasonable thing to search for. And so I’ve found some random froshly blog, and have been playing guess-the-vaguely-described-upperclassmen. It’s a fun game, but I haven’t been doing so well at it, which makes me think that maybe Tech isn’t intolerably small after all and I just need to get out more. Heartening thought, that.

*My favorite: Porno Lasse, who used to be a geology student before realizing that it’s much much cooler to be known as Porno Lasse than Geology Lasse, plus there’s more money in it

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