Fruit Flies like a Banana

I tend to think of a weekend as a single day – I have X, Y and Z to do this weekend, plus some random distribution of sleeping and laying around in pajamas eating leftover Thai food. It’s been shocking, looking at my little case of pills and thinking hey! that can’t be the right number left! only to realize that yes, Saturday and Sunday count for two pills so if I start counting on Friday, Monday will be roughly in the middle.

This might explain why I feel somehow cheated on Sunday evenings, when the Simpsons are over and it’s time for me to go do X, Y and Z. If I had distinct routines and responsibilities on Saturdays and Sundays, would I just feel cheated twice?


  1. yami wrote:

    wait… that made sense in my head.
    I need to get to work. I have classes to barely pass. Phoo.

  2. william wrote:

    It’s even more disorienting when you’re used to Saturday and Sunday being very different days and then they suddenly merge into one “weekend” unit (like, say, hypothetically speaking, someone who used to go to church every week and just quit).

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