Neologistical Challenge

There should be a word for the stubborn, slightly unbalanced feeling one gets when one is standing in one’s left shoe, picking up dirty clothes and things from the floor to see if the matching right shoe is underneath. It should come from Greek roots, and it should be a silly word, which ought to be easy since the Greek word for shoe is “papoutsi”.

I’d make up the word myself, but I’m otherwise occupied at the moment.


  1. ester wrote:

    there should be a word for the stubborn, slight unbalanced feeling on gets when one is faced with a neologism challenge and knows that one is clever/knowledgable enough about etymology enough to be able to think of one and yet cannot.
    i’d make up the word myself but … you know.

  2. Eloriane wrote:

    papoustandinishness…or something

  3. Kat wrote:

    I could use a word like that; I can’t even tell you how often I do that.

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