John Kerry, War God

After reading this I want to grab a stuffed animal and hide under the blankets and cry and maybe join the Green Party again:

It’s all part of the seemingly successful plan to paint Kerry as a born killer, somebody who would not only invade Iraq or any other country for no reason at all, but a guy who would insist on going himself for a few Glory Kills. … That stiff demeanor and long, cruel face is beginning to look like something else entirely. It’s beginning to look like a God of War, a total monster who kills for the sheer pleasure of it, and saves lives for the pure enjoyment of watching a puny human whimper below him in quivering gratitude, giving tribute, sacrificing animals and the first born to His power and whims.

And I simultaneously feel guilty for having missed the Young Dem volunteer night tonight. How’s that for political wherewithal on a nice sunny day, eh?

(linknod to Ampersand)

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