Fabulousness at the Beach

Since my car still doesn’t have working brakes, I’m at work, while a large chunk of the office (including my ride home) finishes the seminal masterwork entitled Proposal to Provide Super Fabulosity to Your Wackily Upscale Beach Community for Only Two Point Five Squillion Zlotys. I cut out some binder edge inserts but there’s not much else for me to do.

  • Last week was Earth Science Week! I missed it, too.
  • But as my search requests remind me, it’s not too late to miss out on Mole Day 2004! Who knew site logs could be transformed into a helpful calendar app?
  • I signed up with Vote Pair, but it seems there aren’t enough wishy-washy Cobb supporters in Ohio to satisfy the insatiable vote-swapping appetites of California progressives.

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