Friday iTunes iChing: Martian Edition

O Great Oracle: Were the recent glaciers on Olympus Mons fed from atmospheric water, ground water, or both? Or are we puny humans simply imagining glacial deposits where no glaciers existed? Only your pseudorandom access memory knows for sure!

The party shuffle parties…

  1. The Covering: Drunken Sailor/South Australia- Dust Rhinos
  2. The Crossing: I Should Be So Lucky – Chumbawamba
  3. The Crown: Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Stephane Grappelli (from Shades of Django)
  4. The Root: Don’t You Fall – The Be Good Tanyas (from Blue Horse)
  5. The Past: Shuba Yatra – Béla Fleck & The Flecktones
  6. The Future: Sa Ntima – Samba Ngo
  7. The Questioner: The Ugly Duckling – Liz Carroll (from Lost in the Loop)
  8. The House: Alleluia Ascendit Deus – who the hell knows, it’s an undocumented mp3 from I don’t even remember when
  9. The Inside: Balloon – Hanne Hukkelberg (from Little Things)
  10. The Outcome: Solea – Miles Davis (from Sketches of Spain)

The Outcome seems clear: whatever mechanism it is, is dominated by solar radiation, and probably these guys are on the right track.

The Questioner… is iTunes predicting that I’ll grow up to be a graceful Mars researcher after all? If it’s right about the rest of this, it’s likely that I’d enter the field on the wrong side of history – cruel, cruel fate.


  1. delagar wrote:

    I want Friday rock blog. Where’s Friday rock blog?

  2. yami wrote:

    Okay, okay!

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