Of Note

  • Hoorah for the end of the semester! I feel like I found about the right level of effort this spring, working reasonably hard, but not on the edge of burnout. Next step is to see about some efficiency improvements, especially now that my time is no longer so structured by classwork… seriously, taking an empty day and turning it into 8-9 hours of not fiddling around on the internet is some difficult shit. Any of you academic types have good time and project management advice, or trustworthy sources of same?
  • I’m all moved, if by “all” you mean that I haven’t unpacked even a fraction of my things yet. My camera’s been off and on lately, but the catblogging will commence sooner than many of you would like it to, I’m sure.
  • This made me laugh


  1. Lab Lemming wrote:

    Speaking of fiddling on the internet, do you still have that cononical list of geology blogs?


  2. criminy.crickets wrote:

    Yes, somewhere, hiding – I suppose it’s time to start resurrecting the old blog, sigh.

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