Friday iTunes iChing: Marriage in Iowa

Oracle! There is great news from Des Moines – same-sex marriage is legal in Iowa! Where “legal” means “a district court said so” – there’s certainly a state Supreme Court challenge, and perhaps some legislative bullshit posturing, to go. O Oracle, will this decision stick?

  1. The Covering: “The Howl” – Wolfstone, Pick of the Litter: The Best of Wolfstone 1991-1996
  2. The Crossing: “Star Of The County Down” – Acoustic Mayhem, Acoustic Mayhem
  3. The Crown: “Liigua” – Värttinä, Ilmatar
  4. The Root: “Souvenirs-Ok-Jazz” – Kékélé, Congo Life
  5. The Past: “Archibald McDonald Of Keppoch” – Tony Elman, Swinging On A Gate
  6. The Future: “Just Between You And Me” – The Chordettes, Greatest Hits
  7. The Questioner: “Rosc Catha Na Mumhain/Arkansas Traveler/The Wild Irishman w/Jerry Douglas” – The Chieftains, Further Down The Old Plank Road
  8. The House: “Travelling By Steam” – Fairport Convention, Jewel In The Crown
  9. The Inside: “Min Drøm” – Smølferne, Smølfehits Vol. 1
  10. The Outcome: “Brain Damage” – Pink Floyd, Dark Side Of The Moon

(As always, the key)

Fuck. Fuck! There’s no way to get favorable reading from this – 50s-style tight harmonies, intimate secrets, and the closet are coming into play, the House is waxing eloquent about the glories of an outmoded, Victorian mode of travel, and we’ve got a lunatic in the Halls of Congress. I guess it was just a dream.

Can I salvage some snark? “Star of the County Down” is a song about the (presumably but not explicitly male) narrator’s instant lust for a beautiful lass, and his subsequent plans to woo and marry her, all of which are described with no reference to the lass’s actual desires. I wouldn’t ordinarily have attributed opposition to same-sex marriage quite so directly to conservative men’s desire to control women and install lesbians by their fireplaces, but hey, if iTunes says it, it must be true.


  1. BrianR wrote:

    Hopefully this Iowa thing is a step in the right (as in correct) direction.

  2. BrianR wrote:

    Hmmm….now I see what you mean:

    “The judge’s stay means the recorder’s office is not permitted to accept any more marriage applications from gay couples until the Iowa Supreme Court rules on the county’s appeal.”

    That quote from an AP story….

    I don’t know what to think.

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