Reading Material for the Week

So 2008 is the International Year of Planet Earth (why does nobody tell me these things?). In honor of the project, this week’s issue of Nature has a free special supplement section, with some very accessible overviews of currently trendy topics. I recommend that y’all use your copious spare time to read them.

In case you’re wondering, the currently trendy subfields are climate, climate, seismology, climate, mineral physics, climate, planetary science, climate, climate climate baked beans and climate, geomorphology, climate, and climate – sorry, everyone else!


  1. Thermochronic wrote:

    Um, you forgot to mention thermochronology, duh…

  2. yami wrote:

    Nature‘s error, not mine. They also forgot mud volcanology.

  3. gengar wrote:

    How could they miss out climate, though? We need some attention to be focussed on this neglected subfield…

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