Attention Seattle (and everyone else)

For those of you who don’t actually read any other ScienceBlogs (hi, Mom): We’re approaching the one meeeellionth comment here at the ScienceBorg! This means there’s a contest! If you submit a comment with a valid email address between… um, whenever the contest started, and whenever it is that the millionth comment is posted, which is coming up pretty darn quick now… you will be entered to win a trip for two to New York City, including dinner with your favorite ScienceBorgling and other geeky adventures courtesy the Seed Mothership. Here are the official contest rules.

For those of you who do not win, there will still be parties – and yes, that means free beer.

I will be partying with Sandra Porter, Dave Bacon, and Grrl Scientist on September 27th. The shindig starts at 4pm at Ozzie’s, which is located near-ish the Space Needle at 105 W. Mercer St.

Seattle readers, please let me know if you think you will make it – if we have enough people we get our very own bartender. Non-Seattle readers, there might still be a free booze readerfest near you – check here for information about other parties worldwide.

If you still need to enter the contest, feel free to speculate about the nature of my participation in the institution of marriage. I threw a couple of choice wedding photos below the fold to get you started.




  1. Cyrano Jones wrote:

    Um. I cannot beer with you, because my timing is lame, but I just wanted to say thank you for the photos because you are the most scientastic bride ever.

  2. gwangung wrote:

    Argh. TIming sucks. Taping a show for one of the theatres I work for. THus, cannot revivify old fossilized memories of doing geology….

    But cooollll wedding pix….

  3. Davis wrote:

    I’m planning to be there for the Seattle shindig.

  4. Chenoa Berg wrote:

    really explosive stuff there! free beer sounds great too whenever you come to sf.

  5. Maria Brumm wrote:

    Chenoa, I won’t be there but there’s a party happening in SF on the 26th – see Janet’s announcement for details.

  6. Ginger S. aka skeptigirl wrote:

    Looking forward to meeting you all. I’ll be there and I’ll be sharing the info with our local Seattle Skeptics’ groups. We promote rational thinking and an evidence based reality.
    Which has a dinner meeting scheduled this Sat (9-20) if anyone is interested:

    and, our Drinking Skeptically group which meets once a month at the Blue Star Cafe and Pub in Wallingford.

  7. Jessie K. wrote:

    I have to say, I think your participation in the institution of marriage is almost as un-stereotypical as one could expect. However, was the white dress suggested by family, or was that your own choice? (P.S. Congratulations to you both!)

  8. Maria Brumm wrote:

    The dress was my idea, but it was less “I want a white one” and more “oh shit, the wedding’s next weekend, what can I find on craigslist that will fit?”

  9. Maria Brumm wrote:

    Ginger: Cool! Sorry your comment got hung up in the spam filter.

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