You Know You’re Marrying a Geologist When…

  • You scour eBay looking for zircon engagement rings. Zircons are forever.
  • During the wedding portraits, you keep hearing the words “for scale”
  • Who knew REI had a bridal section?
  • Altar? I thought you said meet me at the outcrop!
  • She asks the musicians to slow down at any interesting unconformities exposed in the Canyon in D
  • Your gift registry has its own GSA or AGU session
  • Your vows include a promise not to take each other for granite
  • You suggest following that up with a promise not to be fault-finders with each other, and she nearly dumps you
  • She keeps asking if you’ve tried licking it
  • She asks you to rub it against your teeth
  • You honeymoon in Hawai’i without ever seeing the beach… because you are at the active flows or the summit caldera the whole time.

I’m getting hitched today. Comment moderation will be nonexistent for the next week – the honeymoon is sadly not in Hawai’i, but it is far away from the Internets.

And I know there should be something in there about a Brunton, but couldn’t quite figure out where. Anyone? Bueller?


  1. DrugMonkey wrote:

    Congratulations Maria and best of luck on this next stage!

  2. Kim wrote:

    I love it. (And, ummm, we did get wedding gifts from REI, and climbed a mountain after the ceremony.)


  3. afarensis wrote:

    And nothing about hammers? Congratulations!

  4. Mary wrote:

    The first time I got married, we got a massive gift certificate to REI as a group gift. Of course it has a bridal section. ;)

  5. ReBecca wrote:

    Congrats! I was thrilled to find out REI had a bridal registry! We got alot of good stuff from there! And most of our honeymoon pictures are of rocks with only on or the other of us in there for scale ;)

  6. Rachel wrote:


  7. OmegaMom wrote:

    Many congratulations!

  8. ScienceWoman wrote:

    Congrats! Did you measure the strike and dip of your wedding cake layers?

  9. Lab Lemming wrote:

    Congratulations! Can you describe the wedding dress in two letter color codes?

    And if you really do want zircon jewelry, I’ll be driving past Mud Tank on Tuesday morning…

  10. Peggy wrote:

    Congratulations! Have a fabulous honeymoon!

  11. Callan Bentley wrote:

    Congratulations, Maria!

  12. Silver Fox wrote:

    Congrats! And you’ll probably think of some more good ones while you’re away – don’t forget to take notes!

  13. Alice wrote:

    Congratulations!!!! Have a great time. Don’t forget to step back from all the hubbub for a minute during the whole hoopla and remind yourself how cool this day is.

  14. Julian wrote:

    WOOHOO! Many many congratulations!

    Love the list. Teeheehee.
    I gotta ask – IS the honeymoon someplace with interesting geology?

  15. eub wrote:

    She asks the musicians to slow down at any interesting unconformities exposed in the Canyon in D



    I knew a couple who was talking about specks of meteoritic moissanite for their wedding ring, though I don’t remember if they ended up with any.

  16. Andrew Ironwood wrote:


    (Yer present from me is my *not* throwing past-due-date vegetable matter at you due to that “Canyon in D” line…)

  17. ecogeofemme wrote:


  18. Aaron F. wrote:

    That Canyon in D pun is terrible, but not nearly as bad as the one this song was written around…

    Congratulations!!! :)

  19. Sandra Porter wrote:

    Congratulations! Of course REI has a bridal section!

  20. Mel wrote:

    Congrats! I just got married myself. And, the photographer did get a picture of me examining the limestone rock we were standing in front of in one shot. What can I say… rocks are cool.

  21. Falyne wrote:

    Hooray for dorky weddings! ^_^

    Seriously, congrats. :-D

  22. Andrew wrote:

    Aww, congratulations! And good luck with the job hunt. What you need is another 10X magnifier. No one has enough of those.

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