Happy AIDS Day!

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I don’t actually know anyone with HIV, or if I do they haven’t told me about it. So the main impact of AIDS on my life has been the near-exponential increase of free condom dispenseries in convenient locations, which is actually a good thing – though when I see software companies handing out logo-festooned, brightly colored condoms on lollipop sticks at the campus career fair, I do start to wonder.

Of course, if we’re going to be completely serious about this whole “free safer sex equipment” concept, we’re going to have to start in on the free latex gloves, dental dams, and water-based lube, too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any sample dental dams online – ask your local clinic, eh? There are more relevant sample offers listed here.

Finally: World AIDS day is the only widely celebrated macabre holiday we have, unless you’re really into the liturgical calendar and grisly deaths of Catholic saints, and here I am turning it into a latex fun-fest. How long do you think it’ll be before December 1 turns into a kind of adult-oriented Halloween?

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