A Flood of Someones

A note to new arrivals from the They Have Blogs! craze: you too can turn this space into a spongiform advice column for the perpetually distracted! Just use the little box to your right. But please stop sending in default phrases, you’re making me all excited over nothing and the disappointment goes hard on my thyroid.

Måske en sk øl for pingvinerne?

Ja! … men, kan pingviner rigtig lide øl?

My poor Danish aside, the issue is this: shall we have a toast for the penguins? The answer clearly requires a visit to webtender, where we find that the penguin is an exceptionally girly drink. Toasting with curacao, banana liqueur and Sprite is nothing to compare with a proper shot of akvavit, so intuitively, I’d say the penguins don’t need us or our alcohol.

I wish it could be Christmas every day

Christmas is dark and cold and full of family angst. I think, if I had to pick a holiday to live through for the rest of my life, I’d go with Labor Day. It’s still nice out, you get the day off work, there’s no pressure to have a string of perfect Kodak moments, and the stores are still open. But you can have your Christmas if you want.

i miss haribo gummy peaches.

Yeah, me too. What I really miss, though, is the “gummy” aisle at convenience stores – gummy eggs! gummy frogs! filthy disgusting salt licorice! It was better than Christmas, but not as nice as Labor Day.

hello from http://travelersdiagram.com/

Hello there yourself. How’s the weather down in pleasantdistractionland?

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