Use the Meaning of Christmas, Luke!

And the award for probably the best True Meaning of Christmas post goes to Crazy Tracy, based entirely on the strength of this question (the rest of the post is just sentimental nonsense about babies; link removed due to brokenness, not sentimentality):

Are we to believe every person you see running around out there like a schizophrenic circus clown is being powered by the holiness of the Immaculate Conception and the resultant Virgin Birth?

They have to be powered by something, don’t they? I’m picturing little manger-shaped holiness battery packs that rest on one’s lower back, complete with little bits of hay to tickle one’s butt and give one wedgies.


  1. Tracy wrote:


  2. chris wrote:

    christmas is grand yo, despite what anybody says despite the inane commercialism, c’mon, its all things cartoonish and holy wrapped into one, it is a salad bar of dichotomy and for that deserves props or at least a silent but knowing acquiescence.

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