Last Midterm EVAR

Done! Haha! No more Mr. Midterms knockin’ on my door ever again! I haven’t felt this free of responsibility since my wisdom teeth healed up in December.

It’s all an illusion, of course – not only is there still stuff to do, I’m now officially entering the market for a car and a job. It’s time to write resumes and research repair histories and gas mileage. And if you’ve got an entry-level surveying/analyst/research assistant position or an itty-bitty 100,000-mile jalopy in the L.A. area, I’ll be your new best friend.


  1. Rasmus wrote:

    Woohoo! I’m happy for ya! And now, I have someone to refer to, whenever I am in a discussion on earthquakes and other geological subjects. Great! Consider yourself added to my own private list of experts!

  2. Manger wrote:

    Look into getting a used ZX2. They handle well, are fun to drive, and one a couple years old in grwat shape is less than $10,000. Hope this helps.

  3. yami wrote:

    I’m looking more in the sub-$3,000 price range… going to look at a 12 year old Suzuki Swift on Sunday, if it hasn’t sold by then. *crosses fingers*

  4. Manger wrote:

    If it’s gone go for an old Civic CRX. Those are nice too, and a solid one should be pretty cheap. good luck.

  5. yami wrote:

    Yeah – I’ve been looking at Civics, too. There’s a whole weird Honda Civic subculture out here, people put spoilers and belly lights and airbrushed flames on them. It’s very disturbing; probably worth a full post if I get around to it, or wind up buying one.

  6. Kevin wrote:

    Congratulations on your graduation. Any particular field in mind?

  7. chris wrote:

    rock out Yami!!!

  8. Walter wrote:

    “an entry-level surveying/analyst/research assistant position”
    I hate to say it, but it sounds like you’re applying for a position as a … graduate student!
    Not that I would advise that. Have you considered law school? They like people with technical backgrounds.

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