Spam Literary Identities

If I ever need a pen name – a real pen name, that is, one that could go on books without being laughed at – I’ll find one in my inbox, trying to sell me herbal viagra. These spammer databases are fabulous! Just in the past five hours I’ve gotten email from Gwendolyn Poole (pseudo-historical romance), Jefferson Ledford (Westerns), Eugenia Lockhart (flowery soft-core erotica masquerading as pseudo-historical romance) and Frederick G. Melton (awkward tomes about the high seas). All’s I need now are names for ficticious travel narrative, space operas where dashing young men awkwardly refuse to notice the complete lack of women in their narratives, and saccharine children’s books and I’m set! At least two of those should be in my in-box by tomorrow morning.



  1. Avala Lockhart wrote:

    Hi. The name Eugenia Lockhart is the name of my grandmother. So I don’t think that wouldd be a good pen name for you. Also could you forward me that email or that site of the person who is using that name to send emails. My grandmother was a Bahamian who fought for the women’s right to vote in the Bahamas. She is a legendary Bahamian and should not have her name sullied by some conncection to a pornography site.

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