These Search Requests Are What I’m Trying to Monetize

I’ve had Google AdSense up for a month now, and it’s netted me a grand total of $7.05. That’s not much – especially considering that at this rate, I won’t see my $100 minimum check until 2008 – but it is enough to cover web hosting and domain registration, which is more than I expected.

Most of the ad clicks have been from people who came here from a search engine. Like this week’s crop of hilarious search requests:

  • erode penis
  • women would use a penis better than males
  • porn painted like cows
  • those who think a whore is not a whore and use words like reject?
  • “The alphabet song” notation
  • hidden meaning shirts i own you
  • Exploded Moms
  • Cheap Thermonuclear
  • who is the scariest liberal today – I’m the 3rd scariest! Wooooo!

… though sadly, the search terms that bring in actual cash money have been much less entertaining. My hosting bills are now paid by people looking for tie-dye backgrounds and my expert opinions on cheap wine.


  1. ester wrote:

    bizarrely (and kind of upsettingly) all my hits now come from people searching for a 9/11 picture of a guy leaping to his death from an office building. somehow in linking to that picture oh-so-many years ago, I ended up hosting it? it doesn’t make sense to me.

    “porn painted like cows” is pretty good though. well done there.

  2. Dr. Shellie wrote:

    Do you want us all to click on your Google ads a lot to bring you money? I hear that ads for lab equipment can bring in the cash. ;)

  3. yami wrote:

    Google’s terms of service expressly forbid me from expressing such desires. Have you been seeing ads for lab equipment? I just get revolutionary new blog publishing tools and religious study aids.

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